Pregnancy Hives


Pregnancy HivesWhat Are Pregnancy Hives?

Pregnancy hives are areas of your skin that are raised and red with a pale colored center that itch severely. Pregnancy hives are common in women of all stages of pregnancy due to the amazing amount of changes your body is going through. Many women find that they have never had a hives rash before and all of a sudden now they do. This is very common due to the large chemical changes that your body is undergoing. As an example, many pregnant women have found that they get acne during pregnancy, even if they have never had acne before. The same is true of pregnancy hives.


What Causes Pregnancy Hives?

Pregnancy hives are caused by the incredible amount of change your body is undergoing throughout your pregnancy. Your body may perceive these changes as unknown and foreign (especially if it is your first child), causing your immune system to release large amounts of histamine into your blood in hopes of correcting whatever is going on. This histamine release causes hives to appear in any number of places on your body - including your face. If you have had pregnancy hives at one point, you probably will not get them for any other pregnancies you may have. It has been found that women pregnant with twins will have a higher chance of getting pregnancy hives than other women.


Best Treatment For Pregnancy Hives


What Are The Symptoms of Pregnancy Hives?

The most common pregnancy hives symptoms are raised welts on various parts of your body that itch incredibly. They can also be very painful, making daily life even more uncomfortable than it already is thanks to your baby growing inside of you and pushing your organs around. Most women that are pregnant have itching on the breasts, thighs and stomach due to the skin stretching to accommodate the baby. The skin can also be extremely dry because of a surge of hormone production that dries the skin out. (As a side note, some woman use coconut oil on their belly during their pregnancy and I believe it is what keeps them from getting stretch marks.)


Pregnancy hives can appear as small areas, or large grouped welts that can change forms all over your body. However, the most common areas for pregnancy hives are legs, arms and your back. Pregnancy hives are not dangerous to the mother or the baby.

Another condition that affects the skin that has some of the same characteristics as pregnancy hives is Pruritic Uritcarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy, known as PUPPP. This is most commonly seen in the last trimester. Pregnancy hives of this kind can be found on the arms, thighs, buttocks and other areas of the body causing severe itching. If you should experience this type of itching and severe irritation during pregnancy, it is best to seek the help of your gynecologist.


Are Pregnancy Hives Dangerous?

Pregnancy hives are mostly harmless, but if you find them in and around your genitals, it is best to seek professional help. If you also find that the hives are restricting your breathing, and that you are not getting enough oxygen into your lungs because of it, then you should seek medical care immediately.


How Do I Get Rid Of My Pregnancy Hives?

There are several hives treatments that will not harm the mother or the baby. One of which is known as OxyHives. In extreme cases, a steroid can be prescribed, but use caution when using a steroid for the sake of the baby and because of the harmful side effects steroids have on the body.


Pregnancy hives can last your entire pregnancy but normally go away within a week of delivering your baby. In rare cases, pregnancy hives can stick around for up to 4 weeks after birth.