Hives Treatment


Hives DoctorOver the last 20 years, there have been many different hives treatments and over the counter medications made available to the public, from antihistamines like zyrtec to steroid creams to natural home remedies. Twenty years ago, the harmful side effects from the hives medications available on the market didn't make them worth the cure for hives they provided.


All that changed in 1996 when a new treatment for hives came on the market that carried none of the harmful side effects previous prescriptions had (such as slurred speech, the shakes, liver dysfunction, etc.) and successfully helped relieve multiple symptoms of hives naturally. This hives remedy, known as OxyHives, used to be available by prescription only, but recently received FDA approval for direct to consumer selling. Not all pharmacys carry OxyHives, however you can buy it directly from the manufacturer at


Most Effective Hives Treatment On The Market: OxyHives

The reason why OxyHives has been the cure for hives for so many people is because of it's all natural ingredients that have been scientifically formulated to eliminate the triggers that bring on hives and to quickly reduce a hives rash when taken during an outbreak. OxyHives effectiveness makes it the best solution for patients with chronic and stress hives.


OxyHives Customer Testimonial

How OxyHives Cures Hives

Unlike the treatments for hives I've prescribed over the years from the major pharmaceutical companies, OxyHives is up front and honest about what their treatment contains, which is why I consider it one of the best home remedies for hives. There are 8 active ingredients within OxyHives that each help eliminate hives in their own unique way.


The first active ingredient is Apis Mellifica, which is essential for treating hives as it reduces the stinging pain, swelling and horrendous itching that accompanies 92% of all hives outbreaks.


The second active ingredient is Arnica Montana, which provides great hives relief as it reduces the pain and inflammation caused by a hives rash. Remember NOT to take Advil or Aspirin during a hives rash as it will only make the outbreak worse.


The third active ingredient in this hives remedy is Ichthyolum, which is another natural pain and inflammation reducer that unlike Advil and Aspirin, will not make your hives rash worse.


The fourth active ingredient is Lachesis, which is an important ingredient in all natural remedies for hives as it helps relieve sensitiveness of the skin surface, as well as eliminating the burning or stinging sensation that often accompanies a hives rash.


The fifth active ingredient in this urticaria treatment for hives is Hepar, which is used to treat itchy nettle-like rashes that are sore and sensitive. It is especially effective on hives outbreaks that affect the ears and hands.


The sixth active ingredient is Mercurius Solubilis, which relieves violent itching in the ears and rest of body - especially at night when hives outbreaks can keep you from sleeping. It also helps to reduce inflammatory swelling, redness and tingling.


The seventh active ingredient in this medication for hives is Rhus Toxicondendron, which is an incredibly effective anti-inflammatory used by almost every pharmaceutical company in the world. It is especially good at eliminating the itchiness that comes with a hives rash.


The eight active ingredient is Urtica Urens, which reduces the burning sensation that comes with most hives rashes. It is especially effective at reducing the itchiness in the genitals, fingers, hands and lips.


What To Do For Hives - Use The Recommended Dosage

To treat and prevent your hives outbreaks at home or work, spray OxyHives twice under your tongue three times a day. Always follow the directions on the bottle.

Why People Prefer OxyHives

Unlike some of the prescription drugs doctors prescribe, OxyHives is a non-addictive hives treatment that answers the most common question, how do I get rid of hives?. It is also non-drowsy unlike most antihistamines on the market (both prescription and over the counter). Because it is a spray that you put under your tongue for fast relief, you do not need to strip naked to apply cream all over your body every few hours. OxyHives also has no harmful side effects, such as slurred speech and the shakes, which is a common side effect in some prescription medications used to treat hives.


How To Get Rid Of Hives

In addition to using OxyHives, if you are able to pinpoint the triggers that cause your hives rash, such as chocolate, Advil or stress, then you will know what to avoid to diminish your hives outbreaks. Don't lose sleep if you can't determine exactly what triggers your hives rash though as the cause of many hives outbreaks are never determined.


Please remember that even though we are remunerated when you purchase OxyHives through our website, you should always speak with your doctor prior to starting or stopping any treatment for any condition.