About Us


About UsWhen our daughter first came down with a bad case of hives in 2009, we immediately set out to determine what caused it and how to keep it from happening again. There is nothing worse that seeing your toddler suffer from hives and not knowing how to help her or at least relieve her of the intense itchiness that can come from a typical hives outbreak.


In 2010 we created Hives.org to help other parents that have children suffering from hives. It wasn't long before we started hearing from adults that were suffering from hives too and decided to expand what we know and have learned about hives.


After all, with so many different types of hives outbreaks, ranging from chronic hives to stress hives, someone had to put it all together in one consise format and location. That's our goal for Hives.org.


As always, If you don't find what you're looking for on our website, please feel free to contact us.