How To Get Rid of Hives When Benadryl Doesn't Work


Hives Treatment SpecialistBenadryl and many of the other OTC antihistamines claim to be effective for treating hives, but for most people suffering from urticaria, the reality is that it barely helps at all. So what do you do if you're one of the 64% of the populace for which Benadryl doesn't work?


How Booked Out Is Your Dermatologist?
Most people will immediately turn to their dermatologist, but like me, almost every dermatologist I know is booked out weeks to months in advance. And waiting that long to just get evaluated (let alone treated) is not a viable solution for the majority of people. When you're experiencing a terribly itchy rash, the last thing you want to hear is "We have an opening 3 weeks from now."


New OTC Medication That's Better Than Benadryl

Because hives won't go away with just Benadryl and because it can take almost a month to get an appointment with your dermatologist, I recommend my patients have OxyHives on hand for when they have a hives outbreak. Unlike Benadryl, OxyHives is specifically designed to JUST make hives go away. It's non-addictive, and unlike antihistamines, it won't make you drowsy. Simply put two sprays under your tongue and the hives go away naturally within 1-2 hours. OxyHives is available online at


How To Get Rid Of Hives When Benadryl Won't Work

While OxyHives is the only OTC rememdy scientifically formulated to make your hives outbreak go away fast, there are other home remedies that can help at least lessen the itchy, burning feeling that your hives are causing.



Because hot water (and usually even warm water) can make your outbreak worse, you should always take cool baths. Feel free to add some uncooked oatmeal (rolled oats), baking soda or colloidal oatmeal, which will usually helps relieve the itchy feeling by blocking any further release of histamine. Like Benadryl, a cool bath won't make your hives go away, but at least it'll calm your angry skin.


#2. Apply a Cool, Wet Compress

If you don't happen to have a bath tub, you can also get temporary relief from your itchy rash by applying a cool, wet compress to the welts. This will help soothe the irritation and should help deter you from scratching the affected area.


#3. Apply Some Calamine Lotion or Witch Hazel
Witch hazel and calamine lotion may not smeel very good, but because they are anti-stringents, they can be effective at helping to shrink the blood vessels near your welts so that they don't leak as much histamine. Witch hazel and calamine lotion won't make your hives rash go away, but they are a good bandaid until your OxyHives arrives.


#4. Avoid All Scratchy Clothes
Because your skin is hyper-sensative right now, you MUST avoid all scratchy clothing. Instead, put on your loosest fitting, most comfortable clothes that are smooth to the touch. Fabrics like wool will drive you bonkers, so avoid these itchy fabrics at all costs.


#5. Other At Home Remedies To Try Until You Have OxyHives
While the following home rememdies won't make your hives go away like OxyHives will, they should provide you with some temporary relief from the itchy feeling you currently have. Because of theiralkaline nature, Pepto Bismol or Milk of Magnesia should temporarily help relieve the itching a little. You can also try applying asmall amount of baking soda and water mixed together into a paste, which some of my patients have told me helps a little. Cream of tarter is good alternative if you don't have baking soda on hand. I have also been told that 1 tablespoon of vinegar (any kind will do) mixed with 2 tablespoons of cool water is another good alternative.

A Cool Bath Can Help Get Rid Of Your Hives


A Cool Bath Can Help Get Rid Of Your Hives

Benadryl Alternatives
While all of the above home remdies will help reduce the itchy feeling you currently are experiencing, the only OTC (over the counter) medication that is scientifically formulated to make your hives go away is OxyHives. If you don't already have OxyHives on hand, you can order it at